Distanced but Together
Friends' 2020-21 highlights
Students capture images of Latourell Falls, on Friends' 2021 Great Gorge Wahoo! outing. (photographer: Nick Wiltgen)

Opportunities may have been limited this past year for Friends staff, members, volunteers, and activists to gather, but we remained united in our passion and commitment to protecting, preserving, and stewarding the Columbia Gorge for future generations. 

Below are some highlights of Friends' 2020-21 work and accomplishments, illustrated both in pictures and in words. Our members, volunteers, and activists are the heart and soul of our work. Thank you for your ongoing support, energy, and commitment to ensuring the Columbia Gorge remains a vibrant, living place—wondrous, wild, and open to all.

View a full PDF Copy of our 2020-21 Annual Report
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View a full PDF Copy of our 2020-21 Annual Report

Friends 2020-21 Annual Report

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Thanks to all who served as members of Friends of the Columbia Gorge Board of Directors and/or as trustees of Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust in 2020-21:

Board of Directors: John Baugher, Joe Campbell, Geoff Carr (secretary/treasurer), Greg Delwiche (Board chair), Shari Dunn, Gwen Farnham, Pleschette Fontenet, Donald H. Friedman, John Harrison, Jen Lovejoy, David Michalek, Patty Mizutani, Annie Munch (Board chair-elect), John Nelson, Carrie Nobles, Buck Parker (vice-chair), Lisa Berkson Platt, Mia Prickett, Sarah Quist, Vince Ready, Cynthia Winter

Land Trustees: John Baugher (land trust president), Pat Campbell, Greg Delwiche, Natalie Edwards (advisor), Dustin Klinger, David Michalek, Barbara Nelson, John Nelson,  Kevin Price, Rick Ray (advisor)

And a special thank you to all of the photographers whose work is featured in the print and digital editions (as respectively credited) of the report.