The Eagle Creek fire has closed most trails from Wyeth to Troutdale.

Columbia Gorge Hiking Opportunities

Numerous trail and recreation areas in and around the Gorge remain available to explore

Columbia Gorge Hiking Opportunities
A quiet moment at Nancy Russell Overlook on the Cape Horn trail. (photographer: Bill Partin)

Favorite Gorge Trail Closed? Find a Different Hike

The dramatic photos and accounts of communities upended by the Eagle Creek fire hit all who work with and live in the Columbia Gorge hard. There is a long journey ahead, but the Gorge is a resilient place.

While some popular Gorge spots remain closed to the fire, there are many trails and recreation areas to explore within the Gorge and neighboring areas. Friends of the Columbia Gorge has compiled a brief list of potential options below.

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Names with an asterisk * designates places outside of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.
Thewaterfall iconicon designates places to view waterfalls. 

Washington Hiking & Recreation Areas

Oregon Hiking & Recreation Areas