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Hike with Friends
Hikers climbing to newly acquired Coyote Meadows property (photo by Debbie Asakawa)

Update, Sept. 10, 2020: Friends of the Columbia Gorge suspends all guided outings through fall. 

Friends is committed to operating our guided hikes in a way that puts safety first. That means making sure we have the safety protocols developed to keep hiker leaders, shepherds, hike attendees, and others on the trails all as safe as possible. And in light of the ongoing safety challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis we've decided that canceling our hikes through the fall is the responsible thing to do. If you have questions or concerns regarding these cancellations please contact Friends Communication Director Burt Edwards at burt@gorgefriends.org.

Before your outing with Friends:
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Questions? Contact Outdoor Programs and Communications Specialist Melissa Gonzalez:

971-634-1265 |  melissa@gorgefriends.org

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  • Fall Season: September - October