Friends is the only conservation organization dedicated entirely to protecting the Columbia Gorge.

We work to protect, preserve, and steward the Columbia Gorge. We led the fight to create the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area over 40 years ago. And we’ve been working ever since to safeguard the Gorge and ensure the natural wonders found today will be preserved for generations to come. 

Your Next Adventure is Calling: Help Protect and Preserve the Fragile Landscapes and Scenic Views of the Gorge!

photo by Carrie Klute

Calling All Watchdogs

We are a passionate group of visionaries who know that wanting to preserve the natural environment of the Columbia Gorge is well and good.

But taking action to protect the Gorge so it stays wild and wondrous is necessary.

When you become a member of The Beacon, your monthly gift goes right to the heart of our mission: ensuring the Gorge remains a vibrant, living place that’s open to all.

Imagine yourself on a quiet trail in the middle of the wilderness...

For thousands of years, people have recognized that this is a place worth protecting.

Native tribes have been doing so for millennia. And since the 1980s, we’ve joined the watch in protecting and preserving this spectacular land for generations to come.

Your monthly gift helps us show up as the watchdogs for this area, so we can continue to protect it from urban sprawl, illegal mining operations, and irresponsible commercial and residential development. (photo by: Ken Park)

Protecting and preserving the Gorge – That’s up to us.

We are the only environmental nonprofit on a mission to protect the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.

Your support helps protect the iconic canyon and the glittering river we know and love. The Gorge is home to:
  • More than 800 species of plants, and 15 endemic species of wildflowers found nowhere else in the world
  • Approximately 45 species of fish
  • 15 species of amphibians and reptiles
  • 200 species of birds
  • 20 species of mammals
That’s why your monthly gift goes directly to efforts such as:

Protection and Preservation of Scenic and Sensitive Landscapes

Climate change is the most urgent threat facing the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. As a member of The Beacon, you’re helping to make sure all living species within the Gorge are protected. You’re also helping us engage our communities to speak up for action to help make the Gorge more prepared to weather the impacts of climate change. 

Bringing New Life to the Trails

To make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this spectacular natural treasure, your monthly gift is hard at work bringing Gorge Towns to Trails - a visionary 200-mile loop trail circumnavigating the Gorge - to life. Gorge Towns to Trails will connect Gorge communities to recreation and offer new opportunities for all to be immersed and inspired by the grandeur of this landscape!

Educating Youth to Take Action

Young people are the next generation of Gorge stewards. For over 15 years, we’ve led immersive outdoor experiences for local middle school students. We aim to inspire students to become lifelong environmental advocates of the Gorge and better understand their role in aiding in the protecting this landscape. Your monthly gift ensures we can continue hosting students from local schools so the future of the Gorge stays in capable hands!

It's time to take your watch!

As a member of The Beacon, there is no such thing as a small impact. Whether it’s helping win legal battles or spending the day with a class of 6th graders to teach them about native species of the Gorge, your monthly gift matters!

Donations of all sizes go toward the same cause—protecting the Gorge now—and in the future.

It’s never been easier to take action thanks to our monthly giving program. You can set it and watch your impact grow. Your monthly gift will be processed automatically each month, and you can change or cancel your membership at any time! (photo by: Kathy Dee)

When you choose to donate:

  • $16 a month you help buy native seeds for restoration
  • $30 a month you help bring local students out to explore the Gorge
  • $200 a month you help fund our legal work
Your monthly gift goes directly toward land stewardship, trail design, youth education, and legal battles to protect the Gorge!