Preserve the Wonder

Eight beautiful Gorge landscapes totaling 520 acres. A successful campaign to preserve them.

Preserve the Wonder
Enjoying the view from Lyle Cherry Orchard, on the way up to Preserve the Wonder campaign property Lyle Peak. (photographer: Debbie Asakawa)

Take a look at the eight properties preserved in the 2017-18 fundraising campaign.

In a remarkable display of generosity and foresight, donations totaling over $5.6 million resulted in a successful Preserve the Wonder land acquisition campaign. Thanks to these donations the Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust was able to secure nearly 500 acres of magnificent Columbia Gorge landscapes, all on the Washington side of the Columbia River, for permanent protection.

Here are a few of the things the acquisition of these properties made possible:
  • Habitat for an endangered turtle species (Turtle Haven)
  • 912-acre wetland restoration project (Steigerwald Shores)
  • New trail connections (multiple properties)
  • Protection of world-class vistas for generations to come (multiple properties)
Originally, the campaign encompassed seven properties. But right up to the end of the campaign, public generosity and enthusiasm for protection inspired great philanthropy in donations that included an eighth, 50-acre Gorge property and a matching challenge of $250,000 that inspired many more donors.
View full-size map of campaign properties (does not include Good's Woods, which is located near the Duncan Creek property)

Click on the profiles below to watch videos and learn more about the Preserve the Wonder properties.