Steigerwald Shores

Transferred to U.S. Fish & Wildlife in April 2020

Steigerwald Shores

The crown jewel of the Preserve the Wonder campaign has nearly a mile of riverfront, with dramatic views of Crown Point, Vista House, and the peak of Mount Hood. It is adjacent to the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge and provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to expand the refuge and undertake the largest habitat restoration project ever in the Columbia Gorge. The project will convert farmland back to wetland and reconnect over 900 acres back to the Columbia River. Read more about the project. Partner organizations have identified funding and drafted initial plans for this collaborative restoration project but cannot proceed until the land is secured.

View a KATU News feature about the campaign, filmed at Steigerwald Shores.
Read Friends' Board member and Campaign Co-Chair Debbie Asakawa's account of finding wonder at Steigerwald.


  • Development of multiple homes highly visible from Crown Point’s Vista House


  • Provides for the largest environmental restoration project in the Gorge
  • Increases salmon resting habitat by 17% on the lower Columbia River
  • Increases bird habitat in the Pacific Flyway and the Columbia Gorge Flyway
  • Provides a stunning scenic trail for the public
Note (May 2020): During the fundraising campaign, Steigerwald Shores was listed as a 160-acre parcel. This figure was calculated in a previous land survey. In the course of transferring the property to U.S. Fish and Wildlife, a new survey of the Columbia River shoreline adjusted the property to be 175 acres.