Coyote Meadow

Transferred to U.S. Forest Service in October 2018

Coyote Meadow
This 7.7-acre piece of private property is wooded with white oak and has views of the Mosier Plateau and Lyle Peak to the east. It is surrounded by the publicly managed lands of Coyote Wall and Catherine Creek, an area renowned for its hiking, mountain biking and wildflower photography. Currently, this property makes consistent management of the land for recreational and habitat purposes very difficult.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust has worked with the U.S. Forest Service for years to protect and preserve vital pieces of land in the Gorge. In October 2018, the land trust completed the transfer of Coyote Meadows to the Forest Service.

Prior to the property's acquisition through the Preserve the Wonder campaign, the Forest Service faced persistent challenges between hikers, bikers, and the previous land owners. Old cars, scrap metal, and other trash littered the property. With the help of volunteers and neighbors, Friends removed and disposed of all the debris so the land could be transferred to the Forest Service.

This acquisition and transfer will allow for better protection of a critical landscape by connecting pieces of formerly private and public lands. Going forward, old management headaches are relieved, recreational experiences can be enhanced, and most importantly, public lands in the Gorge just got a little bigger.

Note: During the fundraising campaign, Coyote Meadow was listed as a 10-acre parcel. This figure was calculated in the previous land survey, taken nearly 50 years earlier. In the course of transferring the property to the Forest Service, a new survey calculated the property to be 7.7 acres.

Threats Before Acquisition

  • Discontinuity of land management
  • Lack of stewardship

Benefits of Public Ownership

  • Allows for the protection of a critical landscape
  • Increases public access and recreation opportunities