Conservator and Guardian Hikes
Wildflowers on the Syncline Trail. (photographer: Sharon Philpott)

Current Outings: 
Thursday, April 13th - Four Sisters + Lone Pine Hill 
Thursday, April 27th - Memaloose Hills 
Tuesday, May 9th - Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Thursday, May 11th - Coyote Wall
Thursday, May 25th - Tom McCall Point

Previous Hikes:
August 2021 Hike 

Larch Mountain Hike

At 4000 feet elevation, Larch Mountain offers easy access to one of the highest points in the National Scenic Area. It also has a network of trails and roads that offer many options for length and difficulty of hiking. It’s a short drive from Portland, the high elevation and magnificent forest offer cool temperatures even on hot summer days, and you can enjoy relative solitude even on busy weekends. A total of five miles and 500 feet of elevation gain.

September 2021 Hike 
Rooster Rock State Park

We will walk through a beautiful willow forest to a beach that stretches for miles along the Columbia River with views to Beacon Rock and beyond. We will also make our way to a fascinating Stonehenge-type structure made of driftwood standing 12+ feet out of the sand dune. 

October 2021 Hike
March 2022 Hike 

Memaloose Hills

This hike of seven miles and ~800 feet of elevation gain will take us to an impressive variety of stunning autumn colors and terrain from orchards/vineyards to oak/ponderosa forest to open prairie and finishing with the giant gaping hole of Rowena Dell with its dark basalt cliffs towering over a bowl of oaks and maples. 

November 2021 Hike 
February 2022 Hike

Catherine Creek 

We'll hike through oak forests to the open plateau and big sky of the eastern Gorge. The route has one short steep section of about 100 steps but otherwise, the ascent will be a smooth, moderate grade. The hike will be 5.5 miles with 1200 feet of elevation gain plus the lower paved trail of 1.3 miles. 

December 2021 Hike
Hamilton/Strawberry Island 

This 4-mile, family-friendly loop hike begins at a baseball diamond in North Bonneville and takes you into the middle of the Columbia River near its narrowest point. Views are stunning, and terrain varies from a hilltop viewpoint to the island’s downstream point, where at low water in late summer you can wade over to Ives Island.

April 2022 Hike
Columbia Hills

We will explore some homesteader sites and a lone gravesite along with the history of the area as we luxuriate in peak wildflowers.