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Changes "A-Boot" for Fall Guided Hikes Registration

Changes "A-Boot" for Fall Guided Hikes Registration
A Friends guided hike at Lyle Cherry Orchard, fall 2018. (photographer: Debbie Asakawa)
By Kate Lindberg
Outdoor Programs and Publications Specialist
August 22, 2019

Though there's still one month of summer left, I've already been thinking lots about the cool and (sometimes) wet days ahead of experiencing the Columbia Gorge in its autumn glory. Friends has a new season of terrific guided hikes and outings, offering more opportunities to create long-lasting memories while being inspired and educated about this one-of-a-kind landscape. 

In preparation to the seasons ahead, we listened to your feedback and plan to improve the hike program registration experience by making some updates to the process. Please note the following changes starting this fall:
  1. Registration will now be staggered instead of having the whole season open up on a single day. Hike participants can register only for the month ahead, similar to how the Public Land Stewardship program accepts registrations. We hope that signing up for outings closer to the date will allow participants to better know their availability and curb cancellations. This also means that there won’t be a members-only registration window; to compensate, we’ve designated more outings specifically for Friends members. Not a Friends member? Join today!
  2. Members will notice the insert in the upcoming newsletter will look quite different this edition. Our schedule of hikes and outings will no longer be listed in print. Instead you’ll find the full schedule for the hike program online, where all registration happens: preview it now! This new layout modernizes our look and allows us to be more dynamic in what we can offer throughout the upcoming season (for example, “pop-up” hikes planned a couple weeks in advance). In addition, it reduces our printing costs and also allows us to reduce the amount of paper (and ink) we consume with our newsletter, a change that many members asked us to consider.
  3. We're bringing wait lists back, so you can once again add your name to the wait list if something is full, and you'll be notified when space is available. We know schedules can change last minute, and we want to provide the most flexibility to participate as possible. This change will save you from having to continually check back for availability, and it will make the logistics easier on our end, as well. Combined with a new staggered registration system we hope this new system will increase availability and opportunity to participate in our hike program.

Preview the Schedule Now

Have a look in list view or calendar view, and mark your calendars for fall registration dates:
  • August 30: Registration for September guided outings opens at 6 a.m.
  • September 24: Registration for October guided outings opens at 6 a.m.
See you on the trails!

Photo: Guided hike up Beacon Rock by Micheal Drewry