Preserve a Wonderful Acre Club

Your unique opportunity to leave a personal legacy and protect the Gorge for future generations

Preserve a Wonderful Acre Club
Make this amazing view from the Cape Horn Vista campaign property part of your legacy for the Gorge. (photographer: Debbie Asakawa)

420 acres...$10,000 per acre at a time.

Thank you to the following donors who made special gifts to the Preserve the Wonder campaign. These gifts of $10,000 or more each represent one acre in the purchase of the seven campaign properties. These contributions helped protect spectacular vistas and provide habitat and refuge for threatened species. 

Preserve a Wonderful Acre Club Contributors

Thank you to these donors who made special gifts to support Preserve the Wonder

Anonymous (6)
Deanne and Jonathan Ater
Thomas Backer and Jane Newberry
Barbara and Bob Bailey
Joan and Bill Bailey
Elaine and Nathan Ballou
Lester and Heather Baskin
Mary and Tim Boyle
Bonnie Brod
Elizabeth Brooke
Patsy Bruggere
Carol and Charles Brunner
Bennett Burns and Andrew Rowe
Pat and Joe Campbell
Debbie and Edmund Campbell
North Cheatham
Babetta Chiarito and James Marquard
Joan Childs and Jerry Zaret
Phyllis Clausen
Bruce and Becky Copeland
Bob and Pam Davee
Joan Durgin
Ken and Ann Edwards
Goulder Family Foundation
Tom and Mary Louise Hager
Arthur and Trudy Hetherington
Chester Hiatt and Roxane Russell
Wes and Diane Hickey
Marshall Hieronimus
Bill Horder
Dan and Kathy Huntington
Robert James
James Jarzabek and Teresa Meyer
Barbara Jennings and Richard Teutsch
Cookie and Igo Jurgens
Jack W. Larned
Francis and Susan Lenski
Jacob and Rose Mary Lewin
Bob and Susie Masin
Carol Mayer-Reed and Michael Reed
Charles McGinnis
Nancie S. McGraw
Laura Meier
Kate Mills
Mitzvah Fund of OCF
Patricia Mizutani and Richard Rosenhaft
Chris and Tom Neilsen
Lucy Nonnenkamp
Jay and McKay Nutt
Jan and Steve Oliva
Joseph and Susie Palena
Lisa and David Platt
Betsy Porter and Dr. Pierre Provost
Alice and Michael Powell
Stephen Rallison and Sharon Stern
Rick Ray and Anne Philipsborn
Paul Riffel
Mary Rosenberg
Gayle Rothrock
Betsy Russell
Claudia and Mark Sanzone
Charles Scudder and Judy Stewart
Cyndi and Eric Strid
Hank Swigert
John Taylor and Barbara West
Pat Towle
Leo and Elisabet Van Swam
Christine and David Vernier
Elizabeth and Robert Warren
Jean and Rob Wilson
Carolyn and Martin Winch
Susan Wohld