A Woman Alone: Mona Bell, Samuel Hill, and the Mansion on Bonneville Rock

Mona Bell, a rodeo performer, crack shot, and mistress of the flamboyant, visionary entrepreneur Sam Hill, battled the U.S. Army during the Depression to keep her hilltop mansion and surrounding acreage from condemnation to make way for Bonneville Dam. Sam Hill, whose lasting works include Maryhill Museum and the Historic Columbia River Highway, built the house in 1928 for Mona; that same year, their child, a boy, was born in Portland. In 1935, newly evicted but also newly wealthy, Mona embarked on a peripatetic life as a penny-pinching recluse at a cabin on a remote lake in northern Minnesota. She was a world traveler who flaunted her wealth but a difficult mother to her son named Sam.

All copies of this biographical novel are signed by author and Friends Board Member John Harrison.

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