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Thrillist: The Most Beautiful Places in Oregon You Never Knew Existed

September 15, 2021
Categorie(s): In the Press
By Michelle Udem and Alex Frane, Thrillist (view original story)

Those who haven’t visited Oregon or the surrounding area may not realize how varied and beautiful the state is. From snow-capped mountain ranges to high deserts, temperate rainforests to coastal geological wonders, the state offers numerous stunning displays of nature. Even long-time residents of the states or regular visitors may only know of its more famous icons: Haystack Rock, Crater Lake, Timberline, and Multnomah Falls tend to dominate discussions about Oregon’s natural wonders. But there is so much more to the state than those famed locales, as these lesser-known locales demonstrate.

Oregon is beautiful, yes. But it’s also fragile, and vulnerable, as these last few years have demonstrated. With back-to-back-to-back summers registering as the hottest on record, unprecedented heatwaves, drought, and the catastrophic wildfires, it all feels apocalyptic. Luckily, organizations like the Audubon SocietyFriends of the Columbia Gorge, and Oregon Wild all work protect the incredible wilderness of Oregon. If you visit any of Oregon’s most beautiful areas and want to see them maintained, consider donating or volunteering.