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The Gorge Comes to Pioneer Courthouse Square

The Gorge Comes to Pioneer Courthouse Square
Festival of Flowers design, June 2018. (photographer: Haley Hessler)
June 16, 2018
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Walker Macy Designs Gorge Theme for 2018 Festival of Flowers 

One of Portland's oldest and most renowned downtown community events, the 2018 Festival of Flowers highlighted the beauty and fragility of the Columbia Gorge. Comprised of nearly 20,000 flowers, ornamental grasses and Douglas Fir seedlings, the 2018 "oFISHially GORGEous" theme brought elements of the Columbia River Gorge into the city and encouraged Pioneer Courthouse Square visitors to become immersed in this unique Oregon landscape.
Designed by noted, local architectural firm Walker Macy, the floral design aimed to raise awareness for conservation of Oregon’s natural landscapes and the responsibility upon us all to protect these natural assets. The single Douglas Fir tree in the design represented the devastation of forest fires and the resiliency of the landscape to regenerate.
The Festival launched on June 1 and concluded on June 12, 2018. Upon completion of the Festival of Flowers installation at the Square, all of the plant material used in the design were offered for sale to the public at the annual flower sale from June 13–15 in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Throughout the festival a series of free events and performances were given.

Friends Partners with Pioneer Courthouse Square on Public Education Efforts 

A spectacular river canyon, 85 miles long and up to 4,000 feet deep, the Columbia Gorge is an icon of the Pacific Northwest and nation treasure. It is home to a world-renowned variety of over 800 species of plants, approximately 44 species of fish, and more than 200 species of birds.
Friends partnered with Pioneer Courthouse Square to offer joint outreach and public education programming around Gorge conservation to coincide with the 2018 Festival of Flowers. Efforts included collaborating on joint social media outreach, hosting an informational table, and organizing a pair of lunchtime "Tuesday Talks" (June 5 and 12) on Gorge conservation:
June 5:  Wildflowers & WA Wonders of the Gorge
June 12: Give Weeds the Boot!