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Closure at Mosier: Plateau Trail Offline Until September

Closure at Mosier: Plateau Trail Offline Until September
By Dan Bell
Land Trust Director

June 25, 2020

When the state of Oregon began a shutdown in late March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, medical officials seemed most concerned about the cornonavirus spreading through bodily contact and the live virus remaining on surfaces for days.

By late June, concerns shifted to airborne virus particles and the need to socially distance. It is these concerns that caused the Mosier City Council to vote to keep all their city parks closed until Sept. 17. With the closure of their city parks, including Pocket Park, the Mosier Plateau trail will also remain effectively closed until Sept. 17.
The Mosier Plateau trail is managed cooperatively by the city of Mosier and Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust. The first half-mile of the trail runs through Mosier Pocket Park and alongside the town’s Pioneer Cemetery. A recreation easement from a local landowner then connects the city park to our land trust property.

The town of Mosier made the decision to keep its parks closed over the summer as a result of the continuing rise in coronavirus cases, as well as the expected flood of visitors into the small town which is unequipped to handle a medical crisis. As you can see from the map (see below), the trail presents great difficulty when it comes to social distancing. Friends supports Mosier’s decision and appreciates their willingness to help support the closure. We look forward to welcoming people back to the trail in the fall.