Kids for the Gorge!

A young man surveys the Columbia Gorge from Indian Ridge.

Recently our friend Serena, a seventh grader at Corbett Middle School, had a great idea. She had to write a report on the Columbia Gorge for school. So she asked if we'd like to post it on our website.

We thought: A lot of kids are involved in exploring and protecting the Gorge. Why not showcase their efforts?

Without further ado, Friends presents some of our best friends!

Kids for the Gorge Report (pdf)
Read Serena's awesome report and learn some things about the Gorge -- we sure did! (Photo of Serena at right)

Gorge Field Trip! (VIDEO)
Kids fall in love with Gorge waterfalls  in this student-created video (complete with Beyonce soundtrack). "Best field trip ever!"

Corbett Students Paint Gorge Mural
When art meets environmental education: 380 Corbett elementary and charter school students are collaborating with artists on a three-year project to paint a 900-foot mural of the Columbia Gorge on their school walls. The students raised money during their annual jog-a-thon in March to hire the Wallwork artists.Year 1 just completed!

Clausen Youth Education Program
This program replaces outdoor education cut from the Washougal school year, giving middle-school students invaluable environmental education and survival training in the Gorge. Friends provides the program, funded by a generous Vancouver donor, to the Washougal, WA school district each year.