Wahclella Falls Loop
Central Gorge, Oregon
Autumn scene at Wahclella Falls. (photographer: Trevor Leahy)
Hike Details
Out to a loop and back
2.4 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:
300 feet
Trail Features
Family Friendly:
Trailhead Pass:
Trail Details

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This trail heads up Tanner Creek from the Wahclella Falls Trailhead. At the small dam used by the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, the trail narrows to a single tread, and leads to a bridge taking you over Munra Falls. The trail then begins to climb up the east side of the canyon. There aren't any cliffs here, but there are some steep drop-offs, so keep a close watch on your little ones.

After a flight of stairs, you'll come to a fork in the trail. The end of the trail is a loop, so you'll end up hiking both sides. Taking the lower path, you'll find great views as you approach Wahclella Falls, dropping down the mountain through a couple of switchbacks to the lower bridge. At the head of the canyon, you'll pass through a bit of a grotto with a full view of Wahclella Falls. Past Wahclella Falls, the trail gains a bit of elevation and loops back toward the trailhead. When you reach the earlier trail junction, continue straight and head back to your car.

- Hike descriptions were collaboratively written with the generous support of oregonhikers.org.

Directions & Travel Tips

Eastbound I-84: Take exit 28/Bridal Veil and drive uphill on Bridal Veil Road; at the top, turn left on the Historic Columbia River Highway and drive 2.5 miles east to the parking area at Wahkeena Falls.

Westbound I-84: Take exit 35/Ainsworth and drive about 5 miles west on the Historic Highway. Restrooms are at the trailhead.