Indian Point Loop

Central Gorge, Oregon

Indian Point Loop
View from Indian Point (photographer: Maegan Jossy)

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Trail Description Driving Directions

This trail offers some of the most underappreciated views in the Columbia Gorge. Start out from the trailhead on the Herman Creek Trail (#406). At mile 0.3 there is a junction with the Herman Bridge Trail. At about mile 0.5 on the Herman Creek Trail, it starts to level out a bit and from here the freeway noise is much reduced. There's an old logging road that intersects the trail and an unmaintained trail that goes down, but it's easy to stay on the main trail.
At mile 1.2 the trail reaches Herman Camp and the junction with the Gorge Trail #400 (which goes hard left - north) and the Gorton Creek Trail #408 (which goes left - east), while the Herman Creek Trail continues straight (southeast) on an old logging road. This hike continues on the Gorton Creek Trail and comes back on the Herman Creek Trail. Take the Gorton Creek Trail, which gradually gains elevation, crosses a few small seasonal streams, and has a few switchbacks. The junction with the Ridge Cutoff Trail (#437) is at about mile 3.8. The trail is about 1/4 mile. There is a flat open area where you could take a break. You get great views of Indian Point and the Gorge. When you're done go back to the Ridge Cutoff junction.
From the junction, follow the Ridge Cutoff Trail 0.8 mile to the Nick Eaton Trail, which is at mile 4.6 on the loop. From the Nick Eaton-Ridge Cutoff Trail junction, follow the Nick Eaton Trail right (down) about 1/2 mile to a nice viewpoint. You can see west down the Columbia Gorge and south to some ridges. Continue down the Nick Eaton Trail to the junction with the Herman Creek Trail at mile 6.2 on the loop. Continue 0.2 miles down the Herman Creek Trail to the Herman Camp, and 1.2 miles back to the trailhead for 7.6 miles total.
Please note: Depending on how far you hike from this trailhead, you may be entering the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness. Wilderness restrictions apply. + Read More

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Columbia Gorge Car-Free

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Herman Creek Loop to Indian Point, OR
Friday, June 7, 2019

Driving Directions

Herman Creek Trailhead:  From the west, travel on I-84 to Exit #44/Cascade Locks. At the stop sign turn right/east and follow Wa-Na-Pa street through town. Continue under the freeway and turn left/east on Frontage Road (on the south side of the freeway) to the Herman Creek Campground sign. From the east, take Exit #44/Cascade Locks. Immediately turn left and travel under the freeway. Turn left/east onto Frontage Road (on the south side of the freeway) to the Herman Creek Campground sign. Follow the narrow, paved road that goes up to the campground (to the left) and trailhead (to the right). There is room to park at the trailhead, and along the road towards the campground, but don't block the campsites in the campground. Sometimes in the winter the gate is closed but you can park along Frontage Road. Hike up the 1/2 mile paved road to the trailhead. + Read More

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