Dry Creek Falls to Herman Creek

Central Gorge, Oregon

Dry Creek Falls to Herman Creek
On the Dry Creek Falls trail (photographer: Yeng Tang)

Trail Features

  • WildflowersWildflowers
  • WaterfallWaterfall

Trail Description Driving Directions

Begin at the Dry Creek Falls Trailhead, on the Oregon side of the Bridge of the Gods. Named after its past use as the water source for Cascade Locks, this waterfall is reachable via a segment of the Pacific Crest Trail. To access the trailhead, cross the road that leads to the Bridge of the Gods toll booth and start onto the PCT. Follow the trail under the highway and up the gravel road (about 100 yards). Then turn left onto the PCT. Head slowly uphill, climbing about one mile to an access road. Turn right and follow the road for 100 yards until the trail resumes. Follow the path downward through lava boulders until you reach the creek (about 1 mile), then turn right and continue another 0.2 miles to the falls.
Extension from Dry Creek Falls to Herman Creek Pinnacles
To see the pinnacles, backtrack to the junction with the bridge crossing. Turn right, cross the bridge, and continue 1.6 miles on the trail to the obvious humps and return, retracing your footsteps back to your car. Total mileage is 7.6 miles. + Read More

Trail Details

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Preserve the Wonder Hike Challenge

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Dry Creek Falls, OR
Saturday, June 24, 2017

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Driving Directions

Bridge of the Gods Trailhead or Tollbooth Park:  From I-84 take Exit #44/Cascade Locks. Follow the signs to Bridge of the Gods/Stevenson. Before crossing the bridge you'll see a wooded park on your right. This is the trailhead. Park here. Please note this trailhead is closed during the winter months. If so, park near the Charburger restaurant or under the bridge. There's plenty of parking there. The trail begins across the road (south of the trailhead), passing under I-84. + Read More

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