Lyle Peak

Lyle Peak
This oak-covered land sits high above Friends’ 550-acre Cherry Orchard property (originally purchased by Friends’ founder, Nancy Russell) and near state land managed for the protection of the western gray squirrel. The Oregon white oaks that cover Lyle Peak are a keystone species that provides feeding, resting, and breeding habitat for many other species of wildlife. One day this land could also offer a trail with peek-a-boo Gorge views from one of the highest points in the Gorge.


  • Logging, mining, and residential development
  • New buildings could mar the view from Rowena Crest and harm oak habitat
  • Current ATV use on the property presents a significant fire hazard 


  • Expansion of our Cherry Orchard trail, adding expansive views at highest point
  • Protection of oak woodland habitat for the western gray squirrel and other wildlife

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