Five Tips for a Responsible Gorge Visit During the Government Shutdown

Five Tips for a Responsible Gorge Visit During the Government Shutdown
Reaching the top of the Hamilton Mountain trail. (photographer: Elijah Rater)

Monday, January 8, 2018

By Maegan Jossy
Outreach Manager

As we enter the third week of the partial federal government shutdown, stories are rolling in from across the country of trash cans overflowing, restrooms closed, and confused visitors. To aid hikers looking to responsibly enjoy the Gorge during the government shutdown, Friends and Trailkeepers of Oregon (TKO) have pulled together a short list of tips:

Five tips for responsibly visiting the Gorge during the shutdown
  1. Pack everything out (and then some) and have a "poop plan." 
  2. Be backcountry ready: Carry your 10+ essentials as no rangers are on patrol, and let somebody know where you're headed.
  3. Consider exploring state, county, or city parks instead of federal lands.
  4. Channel your inner Ranger: Be the model of an everyday steward.
  5. Give back: TKO and Friends will be one of the many partners helping to get things back on track. Sign up for a work party.

THANK YOU to those who have been picking up trash and who already follow Leave No Trace principles when you hike.

Over the weekend of Jan. 5-6, Friends member Aimee Wade and her hike partners cleaned up accumulated trash at the Tamanawas trailhead on Mt. Hood, some which had been spread around by critters and froze to the ground. A special thanks to Aimee and her friends for stepping up as everyday stewards. (Photos courtesy of Aimee Wade)



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