Preserve the Wonder Hike Challenge 2017

This year's spring hike challenge highlights the qualities that make the Gorge a place of wonder and awe!

Preserve the Wonder Hike Challenge 2017
Hiker at Coyote Wall (Debbie Asakawa)
The Columbia Gorge is a one-of-a-kind landscape and this year's hike challenge is titled Preserve the Wonder, highlighting and celebrating the wonders that make the Gorge such an unforgettable landscape. You have from April 1 - June 30 to complete all 22 challenges. Along the way you'll visit jaw-dropping waterfalls, spot fascinating wildlife, and take in views at some of the most scenic spots in the Gorge. We also challenge you to find 7 wonders of your own. Whether it's something as small as a wildflower, or as big as Multnomah Falls, we invite you on this adventure to discover, explore, and appreciate the wonders of the Columbia Gorge. 

This challenge complements our Preserve the Wonder land campaign to acquire and preserve 420 acres across seven properties in the Columbia Gorge.

Hike Challenge Trail Log

Print Trail Log Use this log to track your progress and write in your wonders. Submit it by email or mail when finished!

Hike Challenge Rules

Register to participate and we'll send you tips on how to successfully complete the challenge! 

•    Participate in the hike challenge between April 1 and June 30. 
•    Visit or view the listed challenges. If the challenge is a hike, you do not need to hike the entire trail to complete the challenge. Choose the distance you're comfortable with.
•    Fill in your favorite "wonder" for each category. What inspires you? What brings you wonder and awe? Share your journey with us! #preservethewonder
•    All challenges listed are in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. 
•    Those that complete all challenges and are a Friends' member will receive an exclusive 2017 Hike Challenge badge. 
•    Always stay on the trail, park in established parking areas, and practice Leave No Trace ethics.

My Wonder

For each category we want to hear what is your favorite wonder. What inspires you? What brings you wonder and awe? Send us a picture and share your journey with us at #preservethewonder.

Submitting Your Trail Log

Once you've completed all the challenges, send us your completed trail log. The preferred method is to take a picture or scan your trail log and email it to You can also mail it to: 

Friends of the Columbia Gorge 
Maegan Jossy 
333 SW 5th Ave, Suite 300 
Portland, OR 97204

Finisher Prizes 

Those who complete all the challenges and are a Friends of the Columbia Gorge member will receive an exclusive 2017 Hike Challenge badge. The badge can be ironed or sewn on to your favorite item. Badges will be available for pick up at our Picnic in Paradise event on Sunday, July 9 on Thunder Island in Cascade Locks. At this event, we will also select the grand prize winner to receive a complimentary overnight stay at Skamania Lodge. If you are unable to attend, prizes will be mailed after this event. 

Explore the Wonders

Explore the Wonders

Learn stories and tips on how to complete the 22 challenges.

Membership Special

Membership Special

While you're out enjoying the trails this spring, give back to the Gorge by becoming a member of Friends.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge Announces Sixth Annual Hike Challenge
Standing in wonder at Latourell Falls. (photographer: Micheal Drewry)

Friends of the Columbia Gorge Announces Sixth Annual Hike Challenge

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